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The 2015 Way to Manage Your Clients

8-page informational (non-promotional) ebook

You dedicate yourself and your business to helping boat owners stay on the water longer. It's your passion and you are dedicated! Your service delivery isn't in question, but what about the tools you use to interact with your customers - email, phone, fax? It's inefficient, uncentralized and not collaborative. What if there was a better way?

Traditional communication isn't enough anymore for you to really stay connected to your customers - not only on current work but also to remind them of maintenance checkups, e.g. You need a collaborative, task-sharing online platform that is simple to use, can work seamlessly on your phone or computer, and coordinates and tracks all communication and work related to your customers. All in one place!

This insightful ebook will share with you:

  1. The power and value of true two-way, open communication between you and your customers
  2. Comparison of work coordination with a client from both the traditional email/phone/fax perspective and from the perspective of using a collaborative online task sharing system
  3. How to become proactive with your clients to remind them of upcoming maintenance and initiate new projects
  4. How an online task sharing platform can also help you streamline your internal processes to better coordinate internally and communicate with your clients all in one system