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MyTaskit Pro Now Integrates
With QuickBooks

Help your team get more done with real-time coordination of work that improves scheduling, communication, billing, and more.

6 QuickBooks Tips Every Service Business Needs to Know

In the service industry, every minute impacts your bottom line. Save time with these simple but powerful QuickBooks tricks.

  1. 1

    Improve The Customer Experience With Attachments

    Did you know you can attach photos and documents right to your invoices? This is a perfect way to provide receipts for parts and even showcase your work with before and after photos. Simply click the paperclip icon to add to an invoice.

  2. 2

    Integrate Time Tracking From MyTaskit Pro

    Save time and money by using QuickBooks and MyTaskit Pro together. Collect real-time data from the field with MyTaskit Pro, then import it into QuickBooks to easily and accurately create invoices.

  3. 3

    Know the Shortcuts

    QuickBooks has dozens of keyboard shortcuts to help you move through workflows faster. Here are just a few examples. Check your QuickBooks version to see a complete list.

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Overall, MyTaskit Pro added so much efficiency to our daily workflow… It’s also helped everyone better track and manage their time to specific jobs, making sure they don’t go beyond the estimate.

- Trevor Vermette

Site Administrator at MacDougalls’ Cape Cod Marine Services

Using QuickBooks with MyTaskit Pro*

Scheduling, invoicing, and the overall coordination of work are easier and more efficient than ever before.

Step 1

Field technicians are assigned work in real-time through MyTaskit Pro and log labor hours and work notes against assigned tasks.

Step 2

Service manager then creates a time report in MyTaskit Pro and the data is downloaded.

Step 3

Labor and work logs are then imported to QuickBooks.

Step 4

Invoice is created using imported data and is ready to send to customer.

*First release compatible with PCs only

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